Baton Rouge


2010: 229,493, #85 in U.S., #2 in Louisiana

1950: 125,629, #82 in U.S.

2010 Metropolitan Area: 802,484, #65 in U.S.

1950 Metropolitan Area: 158,236, #112 in U.S.


Baton Rouge was established as a military post by the French in 1719 and incorporated in 1817. It is located on the Mississippi River, on the first bluff upriver from the Gulf of Mexico. Today it is a major port, and there are parks and riverboat casinos on the river.


Tallest building: State Capitol (1932), 460 feet

List of tallest building

The Louisiana State Capitol, the tallest capitol building in the United States, has a public observation deck on the 27th floor. The Old State Capitol (1852) is now a museum.


Baton Rouge has no downtown department stores.


Amtrak has no service to Baton Rouge.


The Louisiana Art and Science Museum and the Louisiana State Museum are located downtown. The Shaw Center for the Arts (2005) contains the Louisiana State University Museum of Art.

Baton Rouge and Mississippi River


Baton Rouge has no downtown movie theaters.The River Center (1978) hosts the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra and touring Broadway musicals. The Manship Theatre at the Shaw Center has concerts, plays, and old movies.


Baton Rouge has no professional sports teams. The River Center Arena has other sporting events and concerts.

Map of Downtown Baton Rouge

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